Revisiting the Grounding problems

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Revisiting the Grounding problems

Unread postby Larry » Thu Nov 01, 2007 1:49 pm

I seem to have missed a very good postings by Bill Pieper on the grounding problems at the rear of our vehicles ,a much too common problem. I have to admit I goofed on the wire colors....the EXTERIOR light grounds are 14 AWG WHITE, Interior lighting and service grounds are, as Bob said, GREEN.
I think the "wiring in" of another ground from the "gang ground" on the left inner reqr wheel housing all the way to the battery ground strap is an excellent way to overcome the rear wiring grounding problems.. I do believe however, that the wiring should be heavier, more like 12 AWG,
Remember that resistance of any size wire depencs on its length, 16 or 18 AWG wire would loose its effectiveness at that distance,There are several handy places to attach the new ground up front. You could use the engine ground strap, chassis ground, just about anything connected to the negative terminal of the batteries, When I move the coach battery up front, I gang both battery grounds together, usually at the bolt going thru the front right inner finder on gasoline powered vehicles.
Thanks for the heads up Bob, I was thinking Outside the Box..the box being the coach.
Larry S.
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