Towing - Is it possible?

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Towing - Is it possible?

Unread postby autismmom » Tue Sep 23, 2008 11:44 pm

I have been looking at the LeSharo or similiar type vehicle to accomodate my family of five. We are looking at several long trips to accomodate all of us - including school books but would like to tow a small camper to leave at the site in the evening. I think that it makes the best of both worlds. But I have heard little on whether this can tow and am concerned after reading several of the postings.

Am I crazy to consider this? I hope to have a solid answer before I purchase one. Or are there other ways here to sleep a family of five (not all of us are little!)

Thanks, Autismmom
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Unread postby Alan Bergman » Wed Sep 24, 2008 1:07 pm

Hi Autismmom,
While most of the owners of Lesharo's and Phasar's love these vehicles in my opinion it probably is not what you are looking for. My wife and I just love ours and look forward to the next trip. But, we are just "two of us".
I think with your family you would soon be crawling all over each other and the kids would probably in short time be breaking things like the door hinges, window cranks, and plumbing fixtures. All parts that are hard to find. With this unit not being manufactured anymore getting parts can sometimes be almost impossible. Also the towing ability of the stock Lesharo is next to none. I have a converted one and I still don't think I want to tow much for very far even though I have a tow hitch. I would suggest you keep your eyes on Ebay for at least a 30 footer. I see many listed every day and a lot of them are great machines. Although none of them are as economical as a Lesharo your biggest responsibility is to to your family.
Good Luck,
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Unread postby Trafic » Wed Sep 24, 2008 3:21 pm

Al is right your best bet is a full chassis unit that can hold 5 and tow a vehicle.
Towing is not recommended with the LeSharo as the engine and drive train were not designed to tow anything. Towing will considerably reduce the life of the vehicle not to mention the effect on its economy and performance, which already lacks luster.
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