Installing a battery monotering voltmeter

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Installing a battery monotering voltmeter

Unread postby Larry » Mon Oct 15, 2007 8:39 pm

(For vehicles not having a factory installed voltmeter)
1. Use a common automotive-type voltmeter reading from approximately 8 volts to about 18 volts .These voltmeters are available at the auto parts and discount stores for less than $20.00.
2 Find a mounting place. About the favorite is in the ash tray door.You might also consider building a panel or buying the 3-- 1 1/2 inch diameter gages and panel already assembled, available at the same place. After preparing to mount it, wire as follows,
3.The system needs a switch.-- a SPDT-Center spring loaded Off. The switch Center tap is wired to the post marked + (positive) on the gage.. what differs from the packaged instructions is that wire will represent each battery at different switch positions. Now wire one switch post to the coach battery wire at the MOM switch, the other to the Both wire of the MOM switch.
4. There is a ground wire that connects to the ground terminal of the gage. Make sure it is well grounded to the coach wiring or directly to the metal dash support brackets.. (Normally the white wires are ground, but check first before hooking to it.) If there is another wire for the gage, it will be the power wire for the light (if a lighted gage)- connect this to one to a wire receiving power only when the lights are on,.a good choice is the lighter light wire, heater switch lights, etc
How it works
Anytime the switch is toggled to the coach battery position, the gage will read the voltage of the coach battery. In selecting the chassis battery position , the ignition switch must be "on" to get a reading from the chassis (starting) battery. This switch is a momentary on switch (on-off-on) to prevent possible battery drain on parked vehicles.
Normal mounting has the coach battery switch position to the left, center is off and the chassis (starting) battery to the right Turn the switch over to get the right positions.
This is my way of doing it, use it if you want. Be sure to follow basic instructions provided with the meter except for the dual battery instructions, I am not responsible for damage caused by your wiring errors.
Larry S. ( Applies to all converted and normal LeSharo/Phasar early models).
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