88 2.2

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88 2.2

Unread postby PittsburghKid » Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:17 am

How's it going? My name is nico. I've been reading up and down the site and decided to register. Here a little about my rig.

1988 Lesharo. 2.2 gas
54k miles

Bought it in Ohio and drove it 400 miles back on brand new tires, that took a few days to find. No problems on the way back at all. Got to Pittsburgh and installed these things ...

new battery, air filter, oil filter, cleaned rear wheel cylinders, e brake cable, fuel line hose, heater hose, temp sensor, coolant temp sensor repair , power steering hoses....ill be put on a new timing belt as well.

I'm heading out in 3 weeks making my way to San Diego ...

Here's a few pics.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

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Re: 88 2.2

Unread postby Wanderer » Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:32 pm

Welcome to the forum. I suggest you install a fuel filter on the fuel pump inlet, you will need one that has a 1/2 inch inlet and outlet. This will keep your fuel pump from overheating or seizing if you pick up bad gas along the way . The fuel pump is located under the drivers' side of the vehicle just follow the fuel line. Also check the oil in the final drive (differential) right away and do so every oil change as this is something that is often overlooked. Change the transmission oil at every two motor oil changes it takes 1 gallon of ATF or Dextron 1. There is no tranmission oil filter to change, instead it uses a screen that should be checked and cleaned every 20,000 miles.

The LeSharo was designed to travel at 55- to 60 mph and it should get 18-20 mpg at that speed. If you go 70 it will get you between 14-15 mpg. The engines are made by Renault and can trun 4500 rpms all day long but they are most efficient at 3500 rpm (55 MPH). If you need parts on the road the main engine parts are the same as a 1986 Renault R18i Sportwgon. This includes all internal and mechanical engine parts including the water pump, alterntor, timing belt, timing tensioner, powerssteering pump, themostat and such. Good luck on your trip, if you take it easy you should be fine.
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