What's the difference?

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Re: What's the difference?

Unread postby Chris-R » Sat Sep 22, 2012 3:42 pm

Well, works are under way - although as usual everything's taking much longer than expected due to various other commitments!

1) Cam timing belt has been renewed.

2) Inspection underneath has revealed a remarkably sound chassis - good news!

3) Roof repairs. At some time somebody jumped on the roof (I think they were trying to burgle the previous owner's shed!) resulting in a dent to the alloy roof skin roughly above the shower cubicle.

Leakage ensued, with predictable results so I've stripped out all the ceiling panels and plan to replace them with new 3mm plywood panels. I'm also planning to insert an additional steel cross beam to lift the ceiling where the roof skin is dented. (Is anyone in the UK breaking a Lesharo to save me fabricating a new beam?)

After that I'll recaulk the exterior roof seams as per advice in this forum.

4) The previous owner had trimmed the dash with hideous orange fur material. I've stripped it off and discovered why it was done - there's a big piece of the plastic dash top smashed out. Anyone got a spare dashboard assembly or know where to find one in the UK..?

5) Toilet - I'm hoping not to have to remove the WC or the shower cubicle, but I've just noticed my toilet seems to have been installed at a slight angle - so if you sat on it, your knees would be pointed slightly towards the front of the vehicle. Is this normal, or should it be facing straight ahead?

6) I've taken the roof aircon/heat pump off as it's in the way for my roof refurb. What do people think of these units? My casing is really beaten up/scruffy and looks ugly and as I'm not a fan of aircon I'm thinking of leaving it off the vehicle and fitting a skylight in the hole it's left.

7) I'd really like to find a Lesharo being broken for spares here in the UK. Apart from items already mentioned I need a driver's side door mirror, a driver's side front turn signal/indicator and the piece of exterior trim that's pictured on my Flickr link.

EDIT. My pic links don't seem to work using the IMG upload button here - try this link instead!
http://www.flickr.com/photos/69095447@N ... 931347019/
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Re: What's the difference?

Unread postby BANDIT2 » Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:32 am

Chris, you'll struggle to find a dash in the UK-they all suffer from cracking,I found a good one at a breakers 30miles from me and I'm still counting my blessings now!!
That rig has now gone I'm sad to say :cry: .
An option is to convert to RHD then you have more choice,you can also fit the slightly more stylish dash out of the facelift model.
The piece of trim you are missing [the piece on the end of the awning rail yeah?]can be recast out of fibreglass using one of the three you have left.I've made all the lower panels out of 'glass for mine.
My toilet also is skewed slightly to the front.
Have you seen my restro pics on here? There you will see my mirror mod using the mirrors from the facelift model mentioned earlier.
The aircon cover is available new I think? sure I saw them advertised somewhere when I was looking for a new roof to ac seal,they were dear though!
I THINK I may have a turn signal assebbly,but can't remember what side it was-I'll have a look later.
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