Brake Lights grounding problem

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Brake Lights grounding problem

Unread postby Bill Pieper » Sun Oct 14, 2007 2:15 am

Brake Lights problem

(cut and paste from, thanks guys for the ideas to fix this problem)

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Hi Phil, I have the 1988 LS. Not too many LS folks get under that left rear couch, since it is a b**ch to get at those 3 screws under the window behind the couch back, and the 4 bolts under the bottom of the couch on the heavy bars. But when you do, you find that MAIN GROUNDING POINT BOLT on the left wheel well. I want to confirm that I have heavy GREEN wires going to that bolt, EXCEPT 2-3 WHITE wires bundled together coming from the left rear tail light assembly. I know they go to the tail-light assembly because I too had to take off the tail light assembly (thumscrew nuts on inside of coach under those plastic 'buckets' on the rear bulkhead for '87, '88 and up, not sure about earlier years) and replaced the bulbs and cleaned the lenses from years of dirt and dust. Just so you know, at least the 1988 year LS has 2-3 white colored MAIN ground wires going to that left rear taillight assembly. I noticed with my ohmmeter the excessive high resistances all around the rear area on the sqare beams, bumper, generator chassis, muffler tail pipe, other metal around that area. I bet you could solve that poor rusty ground from your tail light by running some heavy white wires say 14-16 gage multi-stranded wire from the MAIN GROUND BOLT through a hole cut in rear panel under the couch area into the taillight assembly and solder it on the poor ground there. I hope this helps you solve the grounding problem with your stop lights.
Bill P. '88 gas/auto LS

--- In, Phil Heaven <myheaven@...> wrote:
> Hi Larry,
> There is a bolt on the left rear wheel well with a bunch of green wires
> - nice shiny connections. No white. I've traced the white ground
> wires for the rear lights (rear clearance lights too) to the chassis
> outside the vehicle, driver side, underneath near the exhaust. It's
> pretty much a solid rust ball. Will need to cut wires and drill a hole
> for a new bolt to make a new chassis ground.
> I am confused by the fact that even with running lights on, the turn
> signals still work. I figured if both elements light properly from the
> turn signal then the ground must be secure, and that my problem was on
> the supply side for the brake/hazards.
> My voltage readings were at the output from the tail light adapter
> under the dash, using a shiny bolt in the pedal bracket for chassis
> ground. Also tested with a spare tail light fixture right there in the
> driver seat. Hoping to eliminate the variable of rear wiring, using
> this same bolt as the ground for the light fixture. Worked for turn
> indicator, but not brake or hazard. Another reason I thought it was
> supply side. But I've thought a great many incorrect things in the
> several hours I've spent trying to figure this out :)
> So, you would suggest I redo the ground before trying to replace wires
> between fuse/switch/adapter?
> Thanks so much for the input,
> This is my first auto electrical troubleshooting - got a bunch to learn!
> Phil
> On Oct 13, 2007, at 9:46 PM, lsrschoppe@... wrote:
> > Phil, get under the left couch, locate the inner wheel well, find a
> > connector/fastener with a bunch of WHITE wired going to it. Clean
> > the area till it is shiny, replace any corroded eye terminals, replace
> > or clean the fastener. put 'em all back together. That is the ground
> > for all lights and everything else from the coach interior and
> > exterior 12 v. circuits.
> > Getting a double element bulb to light is possible without the
> > socket ground.......what happens is the circuit comes in on one bulb
> > terminal, and instead of back out the bulb ground terminal, finds a
> > ground thru the other bulb terminal. The voltage reading you took
> > --------what did you use for a ground for your circuit checker or
> > meter? If it were one of the grounds at the bulb sockets, that kinda
> > proves my theory. This rear gang - ground has been a problem for
> > years. I would, after cleaning it, use some dielectric "grease"
> > available in the small packs usually found on a counter display at
> > the parts store. Allows for a good connection and cuts off oxygen to
> > the metal/wires/fastener.
> > Ain't guaranteeing this is gonna fix it but it is worth a
> > try..........IMHO.
> > Larry S,
> >
> >
> >
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