Thermostat temp range? Flush radiator coolant

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Thermostat temp range? Flush radiator coolant

Unread postby Bill Pieper » Sun Oct 14, 2007 1:41 am

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Thermostate temp range?
In, Bill Pieper wrote:
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Oct 12, 2007
3:35 pm

I am flushing my radiator coolant, and took out the thermostate to put
in some Prestone Super Radiator Flush fluid, and run it about 20-30
minutes with the flush in there. Then drain it all out and flush with
water until comes out clear.
But, I notice the thermostate has a stamping on it: 05. 06, China, DFT,
92/106 deg C (deg is that little "o" symbol to indicate degrees
Centigrade or Celsius.). The thermostate was replaced by that RV dealer
I bought the LS from, and I am not sure if this one is the correct
temperature range for our LS. I think the 92/106 deg C means it starts
opening at 92 deg C, and is fully open at 106 deg C ? or does that mean
it is fully closed at 92 and below, and fully opens above 106 deg C ?
Does the coolant try to stay between these temperatures ranges? What
does these numbers mean exactly? And is this the correct one for my
1988 LS gas/Auto? This range sounds a bit on the hot side for our RV! I
found nothing in the 1 Vol '87-'89 manual about the thermostate!
Something as important as the thermo temp is mentioned in every
Chilton's or Haynes Auto Books!
Bill P. '88 gas/auto LS
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RE: [1winne_h-bodys] Thermostate temp range?

Hi Bill,
Stove, pot, water, candy or meat thermometer.
The marks mean nothing. It's when it opens and closes that count.
John Ferguson
PS The marks say it is too hot for anything I own.
Hi Bill,
i cannot confirm this is the right thermostate for the LS,but it seems from Renault manuals they give the two temp references ie closed and fully open.

The thermostate would remaine closed untill the temperature reached 92.5 then start to open, if the temperature reached 106 the thermostate would now be at maximum fully open.
the 92 degrees is the ideal temp for the engine to operate at and the thermostate will open and close accordingly to try to maintaine that temperature.

Hope this helps Alan.
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Bill,if this engine was fitted to a Renault Espace the thermostate
would be 81/93 making the 92/106 quite high,but you never know with
these little buggers Alan.
Re: re/ thermostate temp range

Maybe Mobility RV knows the value of thermomstat temps. I think they
are closed on weekends. Darn, I will have to wait until then to call
and find out, unless someone on forum knows for sure. Looks like my
radiator coolant flush & replace is on hold until Monday at soonest.
Now I wish that dratted RV dealer didn't replace the thermostate, It
wasn't the problem anyway, the fan thermo switch was stuck OFF, so fans
didnt come on to cool the engine. And they put the wrong temp range
thermostate as a replacement! What a dumb bunch of RV mechanics they
had there. ANY mechanic knows this about any engine. I was just the
dumb city slicker customer, I'm not supposed to know all these things
about the RV's they are selling to me, I had to depend on these guys to
fix it right, and they failed me; I ended up figuring it out for
myself, and fixing the problem myself with that bad thermo switch on
the radiator. Gee, any dumbA** auto mechanic knows you have some kind
of thermo switch to turn on the fans when engine gets too hot, not just
only replace the thermostat with the wrong temp one, and still not fix
the original problem of overheating. Do we have to do everything
ourselves?? Yes! I guess I answered my own question. Ha ha.
Bill P. 88 gas/auto LS
--- In, Larry schoppe
<lauri_schoppe@...> wrote:

Hi Red, I am running a 195 degree thermostat in my 87 Phasar and have been for the past year. It specs out to a Renault 2.2 used in the Eagle Medalion I think. I sent it to the shop with a" I want one of these" and thats what I got. The temp gage runs just over half scale, Never had an overheat but the fans have come on. I have a lighted switch for auxillary fan control that lights up anytime the fans are powered to run which allows me to check fan operation,
Checking your figures with a Haynes Manual shows the thermostat is calibrated to start opening at 92 C / 198.6 F and be fully opened at 106 C / 222.8 F, With a pressure cap working properly boil-over should not occur. Your coolant temperature gage should read somewhere between the two figures. Did you note that once a cap relieves -. 'boils over"
it requires changing. This is a cap calibrated for 16 to 17 1/2 psi. Coolant boil point is determined by two things...heat and pressure. the pressure cap makes it possible for the coolant to be hotter than 212 F without boiling. For this reason, the pressure cap must be maintained properly.
Larry S.
Re: [1winne_h-bodys] Thermostate temp range?

Our rig has an analogue gauge which reads 192 when fully warmed up. The electric fans seem to kick on at this temp too.

I checked the blue manual for you but found nothing on the proper thermostat. Here in winter I am glad to have the heat! I guess if you are south in a hotter area it would make sense to have a lower temp thermostat. What does your car take? Shouldn't be a difference I would think.
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Re: Thermostate temp range?

Thanks Larry, Doug, Alan, John F, and anybody else that can shed
light on the proper thermostat for our LS rigs. I liked all the
suggestions. I didn't know that the cap is done for if it ever 'boils
over' and you got to get a new one. I am not sure if mine has boiled
over, I think it did when I first bought the LS from that RV dealer
in Davenport, IA, and drove off the lot, and it went 5 miles down the
freeway and overheated, blew the hose coming out the engine (nearest
to the hot exaust manifold gets the most severe use). Thank God, the
engine wasn't damaged severely (since I am still driving it ok 6,000
miles later), only the hose blew when I was already pulling off the
freeway onto the off ramp after I saw the heat gage going into the
red zone. Since that dredfull experience, (after fixing the fan temp
switch that was stuck rusted in OFF position) the engine heat gage
has almost never gone past the lower 1st mark on the gage, only a few
times climbing Rocky Mountains, and in desert, in summer heat, I saw
gage in middle of range. I don't for my gage on lower end all the
time, that this is normal, it should be in center of range most of
the time, right guys/gals? I think that gage of mine is not very
linear in temp ranges. Probably indicates the temp measuring
resistance probe is non-linear, I think.
Well, as for the proper temperator thermostat, I looked at you guys
posted temps, and I used the formula:
Deg C = (deg F -32) 5/9
Deg F = (9/5 deg C ) -32
to get Fully warm engine: 195 deg F = 90.6 deg C ; 192 deg F = 88.9
deg C; so assuming this is in the middle of the range of the slightly
opened thermostat, then my present 92/106 C thermostat is running way
toooo HOT! and about 89-90 deg C would be about the temp the LS
should be running when fully warmed up with the thermostat opened in
the middle of its range, so it can keep it there ideally.
So we should have a thermostat like the Renault 2.2 Espace or
Medallian (or LS 2.2 ha ha) that starts opening at about 81 deg C and
fully open at 93 deg C. (178/200 deg F). Does this sound about right
to all you expert auto mechanic guys/gals for our LeSharo rigs?
I will hold off buying a new thermostat until I get some confirmation
Bill P. '88 gas/auto LS

--- In, alan gregory <money_one_for@...> wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> if you fit the lower temp thermostat you will not be doing any harm, as you know these engines have no trouble creating heat but plenty getting rid of it.Once it is fully open it's the same as any degree stat and your cooling is down to the efficiency of your pipes,rad,cooling-fans etc.
> Only problem i can think of is if you live in or have severe cold temperatures,this could then stop the engine reaching a sufficient running temperature but very unlikely,as of today i have never heard of this complaint from anybody.
> This is my opinion and mine alone.CHEERS BE LUCKY ALAN.
Hi Alan, I was rumaging around the garage and found the old thermostat to my 88 LS that the RV dealer replaced with the new 92/106 deg C thermostat. I guess I forgot I kept the old one the RV dealer mechanic took out, apparently, and didn't remember how it got in the garage. The old one says "France" on it, so sounds like an original OEM, unless this 88 LS can swim across the big ocean between France and USA. The numbers on it are Calorstat, V-6897, 86 deg C, 2-93 (must be the date stamp, so its a replacement thermostat by original owner? howd they get it from France? maybe a Mobility RV supplied thermostat. I know of no other source of French made parts.) So we still don't know what an original OEM thermostat from an original LS engine, its temp range is for sure, yet. Unless this one is a direct replacement part, with correct temp of 86 deg C (no other temp on it for fully open). I think I will test the old one with a temp gage in hot water in a pan, and see if it is any good still.
Bill P. 88 gas/auto LS
Re: Thermostate temp range?

Well there you have it. You have to be on top of everything these days. Even something so basic like a thermostat. Good on you that you kept the old one. I have started instructing anyone who works on my stuff to give back the old part. Not that a lot of people work on my stuf but there has been work done in the past that I am suspicious of.

Re: Thermostate temp range?

Right On, Doug, we have to be especially careful of todays auto
mechanics, some of these guys can destroy our LeSharo's with their
basic ignorance of Renault Engines, Transmissions, and drive trains,
and brakes, and etc, as some LS owners already have experienced the
hard and expensive way.
Bill P. 88 gas/auto LS

Hi Bill,
that's a bit of luck uncovering the old one,i would guess this is the original or a direct replacement by the 86 deg c 2-93 could be the fully open.The Espace was 81/93

Just a little thought, if you need to know at what temperature your coolant is after initial warm-up try the easy option, use a hand-held digital temp gauge and just point it at one of the coolant pipes, these are very accurate and reliable.CHEERS Alan.
Re: [1winne_h-bodys] Re: Thermostate temp range? Local parts availibity?
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Sun Oct 14, 2007 5:21 pm

Hi Alan, there are parts out there for Renaults with the same (or similar) 2.2 we use. Course, you will not find the parts listed for the Winnebago or Itasca with the 2.2.orr 2.0. Politics and all that keeps any parts from being sold to those of us driving out lil Frenchies except the ones we buy from Mobility RV.
. There is a way around it, Find out what cars the parts dealer you use uses sells for the Renault/Pugeaut 2.2, some include the Eagle Medalion for 88 or 89, some R'12 and other Renaults. Some, but all engine parts, belts, waterpumps, idlers, spark plugs, rotor/dist caps, oil filters head, exhaust and intake manifold gaskets and some electronic fuel system parts (Bosch F I S) fit. I have been buying my parts primarely from Advanced Auto Parts. At this time, I am using 88/89 Spec Eagle Medalion exhaust manufiold gaskets, timoing and serpintine belts, oil filter,thermostat and I think, and oil filler cap. Diesel engine parts cross to the 86 (as I recall) Jeep Commanche 4 Cyl. TD__. Belts, water pumps etc, etc.
In summary , a lot of Renault spec. parts are available for our the 2.0 Diesel/TurboDiesel and the Bosch Fuel Injected 2,2 engines, But you aren't gonna get them by asking for Winne LeSharo or Itasca Phasar parts. I can guarentee you will get a" What? Nope, we don;t list anything for them thangs . Ain't in the book and we dont do motorhome parts atall"
Do a little research and save a BUNCH of $. In my not so humble opinion (at least not on this subject)
Larry S.
Re: [1winne_h-bodys] Re: Thermostate temp range? Local parts availibity?

Yep done it again, not me but Bill Red77 needs the help.

Re: Thermostate temp range? Local parts availibity?

Larry, thanks, that is a great summary of sourcing parts for our little buggy's!
I tested the old 86/92C thermostat that came out of my 88 LS in heated water on the stove, and it cracks opens at 190-192 deg F = 88C, and 1/2 open at about 195-200F = 91C, and full open at 200-205F = 92-93C; then cooling down it closes 1/2 at 190F, fully closed at 180F. I calibrated the temp gage on an 32F ice cube and 212F boiling water to make sure it was close to accurate. So, I would conclude the gas LS uses a thermostat of about 86C/93C = 186F/200F. I think I will just use the old used OEM Frenchie 86/92 thermostat, put it back in my buggy buggy, and call it done!
Bill P. '88 gas/auto LS


Today I called Mobility RV, got Jeff, and Jeff said the thermostat should be 195 deg F, or 192-195 deg F is ok to use on Lesharo engine. Jeff said the original French OEM thermostat's last a very long time. So I installed the old used 86 deg C, French thermostat V-6897 Calorstat 2-93, back on my 88 LS gas engine, put thread anti-rust on threads of the bolts and tightened it down. I tried a new way to put the coolant into the radiator system. Before I bolted the thermostat on, I poured the Prestone Anti-Freeze 100% ethlyne glycol into the thermostat hole to top it up first, it took about 3/4 gallon, then bolted on the thermostat cover, and poured more into the radiator hose before hooking it up to the thermostat cover. Then poured the rest of the gallon into the plastic radiator coolant resourvour bottle. Then I poured reverse-osmosis water (almost like distilled water) into the coolant resourvour until full. Then instead of running the engine hot, and using a mechanical air pressurezation device, which I do not have any, and "burping" the little knurled knob on the right side of the heater core on drivers side, (that "burping" knob is on the right side of the heater fan inlet up high); (caution, maybe YOU should not do this at home yourself, unless you are very careful not to get ANY ethlyne glycol fluid in your mouth, maybe YOU should use a air pressure device) I just carefully put my mouth over a rag over the opening of the plastic bottle radiator resourvour bottle, and blew hard into it to force air pressure to the mixture into all the nook and crannies of the radiator coolant system: all pipes, rear coach heater core and hot water storage tank coolant pre-heater, front heater core, and engine creavices.
It worked! I found I could keep adding water to the plastic coolant bottle, and blow hard into the opening to force the water to go into the radiator coolant system components. Then after adding about a gallon of water using this method to pressurize the system, I also could reach over to the little "burping" knob on the right side of the front heater core and, sure enough, coolant liquid came out of the center of the little knob, and I was DONE, system was full of water with no air pockets. Next time I will use some kind of air pressurized device to do this, because some coolant fluid did splatter on my lips, and I immediately spit it off, and wiped my mouth with water. That was dangerous, because ethylne glycol is very poisonous, and even though only a little got on my lips, I did sense a sweet taste, so a very very small amount got on my tounge, and I washed my mouth immediately. I advise, don't any of you do this at home, use some other method to pressurize the system like a air pressure cap screwed on the coolant bottle, or an old coolant cap with a hole drilled in it and air hose fitting attached. Don't do what I did using mouth and lungs to pressurize the system. However, it did work ok, ha ha ha. Sometimes I do take chances! I gotta stop doing that stuff.
So, to summarize, our Lesharo's coolant system takes 1 gallon of Anti-freeze and about 1 gallon of clean water, prefurably distilled water or reverse osmosis water to avoid calcium deposits forming in the radiator from hard water used, and a thermostat of 192-195 deg F (89-90C)opening (I used my old OEM French 86 deg C opening, I'm in Southern California ) . This would be a 50/50 percent mix of Anti-freeze and water, which should be adequate for most environments in USA, and Canada, should I drive up there again on a trip, which could be a likely future vacation trip.
Bill P. '88 gas/auto LS
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