RV Salvage Yards

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RV Salvage Yards

Unread postby Bill Pieper » Thu Oct 18, 2007 2:34 pm

RV Salvage Yards

(Cut and paste from RV-Talk at RVclub.com thank you Donna in Poway, CA for posting and sharing this useful information
http://www.rvclub.com/ )

All Auto Truck Recycle, Rancho Cordova, CA (800) 477-3086
vehicle parts incl MH.
All-Rite at 800/262-6541. In the east, call 800/443-4101.
For doors, windows, wheel skirts, tanks, roofing
materials, siding and trim.
Arizona RV Salvage, Phoenix, (602) 272-0301
appliances, plumbing, A/C, lights, windows, doors,
holding tanks, hubs, rotors, axles, running gears,
rear ends, will ship nationwide
Bontragers' Surplus Parts, White Pigeon, MI (616) 483-7017
friges, rangers, hot water heaters, furnaces
Brandon Auto Salvage, Balrico FL (800) 282-7462
all types of RV parts for all types of RV
Cherokee RV Salvage, Denver, (303) 295-3433
largest RV salvage this side of the Mississippi
Cooper RV Salvage, Elkhart, (219) 293-3027
all types of parts for all types of RV
Elkhart Surplus Salvage, Elkhart (219) 295-8903

Icke's RV Surplus, Montpilier, IN, (317) 728-5668
New/Surplus RV parts, 29 years in business, 4 warehouses. UPS
nationwide delivery.
Mather Auto Wrecking, Sacramento, (800) 822-6110
buy Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Mitsubishi wrecks. Specialize in
Dodge motorhomes.
Midwest Salvage, Shipshewana, IN, (219) 825-9822
no commentary with this one
Mitchell Motor Parts, phone: 614-875-4919.
obsolete Chrysler Corporation parts (e.g.,
440 exhaust manifolds)
National Recovery Service, Liberty NC (800) 903-7285
rebuilds damaged RVs. Engines, nose/tail cones, differentials,
transmissions and other new and old hard to find parts
Shaw & Co, Albuquerque, NM (505) 877-8949
Trailers and large appliances
Singleton RV Salvage and Sales, Rochester, WA (360) 273-9566
Only open Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun. Advertises most RV parts
that aren't related to the engine.
Vanderhaag's, Spencer, IA (800) 831-5164
Oshkosh and Winnebago suplus, new and rebuilt engines,
trannies, rearends, wheels, manifolds, rotors.
Walt's RV, Fontana, CA (909) 823-0563
new/surplus RV parts. Specializing in Fleetwood, National, and
Cobra RV's.
Weller Auto, Grand Rapids, MI (616) 538-5000
wrecked RVs, gas/diesel. Mentions engine and driveline components
but also generators, appliances, roof air, glass, etc

Donna in Poway, CA

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