4 possible conversions sitting at hand

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Re: 4 possible conversions sitting at hand

Unread postby ejeff » Fri Oct 24, 2014 8:58 pm

my dream was a 2.2 turbo 5sp but the GM looked like something I could handle with many previous conversions to copy. I wish someone would convert an automatic to manual and document on the site.
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Re: 4 possible conversions sitting at hand

Unread postby flyingkilt » Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:14 pm

I was just talking to my mechanic today about LeSharo conversions, and, as a hot rodder himself, who can fabricate ANYTHING, he said the BEST way -- in his opinion and expertise perspective -- would be to take the whole body and put it on another frame, such as a Chevy long wheelbase 4x4 truck with a fuel-injected gas engine, or a diesel. That way, you will always have replacement parts available, plus, the true RELIABILITY of good ol' "American Iron" with plenty of power, but still have decent gas mileage (maybe even BETTER).

He expressed this opinion after just finishing up the latest "conversion of another old conversion" of my Buick 3800 that went from an '89 Park Avenue engine/transaxle to a '94 Regal engine/transaxle swap. He also did extensive work on my AWD "Happy Bumblebee" with GMC Safari AWD train with a 350 V8 swap in place of the 4.3 V6. Since the '89 compute wasn't compatible with the '94 transmission, the ONLY way to get it to shift, was to use the MagnaShift kit (which actually works even BETTER than the stock automatic, since you can manually SELECT gears AND when torque converter lockup occurs in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th!).

Anyway, after studying and working on BOTH those conversions EXTENSIVELY over the past almost 4 years, his solution to all the "hand-wringing" about "how/with what" to convert a LeSharo, is simply to just RE-FRAME the coach on top of a modern (late-model) American long-wheelbase 4x4 truck that's been rolled, but still has intact running gear. Then, transplant the dash, computer and everything, and you've got something REALLY DECENT!

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