Delete Catalytic Converter :?:

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Delete Catalytic Converter :?:

Unread postby Phasar » Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:13 am

3800 II 1996 Buick conversion, have a typical exhaust leak/seperation right after the catalytic convertor where it joins to the exhaust pipe. Considering putting in a straight pipe for better performance, however not sure if will effect the o2 sensor etc.. (seen hacks on youtube to bypass etc.., do they work? don't know) Has anyone done this on their GM conversion? Noisier? performance gains or detriments? About 100,000 miles on the cat if original, looks to be.

Cat is in decent shape, simple weld job to get things back together, yet I'd like to eliminate the cat.
no emissions testing to worry about around here.

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