1985 Lesharo Transmission Problems

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1985 Lesharo Transmission Problems

Unread postby Countyline » Mon Jun 13, 2022 1:41 pm

Hello! I have a 1985 Winnebago Lesharo here, it has a 2.2L Renault power train with the electronically shifted automatic transmission. At times the trans messes up, the auto trans light will come on and it wont shift past 2nd gear. Then at other times it will get stuck in 3rd gear on decel and wont down shift. When the auto trans light isn't on it shifts great! I've changed the trans fluid and cleaned the filter recently, and also tried unplugging the kick down switches and shifting it manually when it acts up-doesn't seem to help. I don't have a scan tool that will plug into the diagnostic ports under the hood, so no good way to look for codes or data. I'm also having a very hard time finding anyone with good information on this particular power train. any help or ideas would be appreciated!! Thank you
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Re: 1985 Lesharo Transmission Problems

Unread postby Rick H » Thu Oct 20, 2022 2:46 pm

Hope you may have figured out the problem with the transmission.
First off, there is no codes to be read. You would be able to get voltage readings as per the service manual.
Sounds like a loose electrical connection. Check on the transmission near where the wiring attaches to it underneath. There is a cable that attaches to the transmission and also there is a ground wire that comes out of the wire bundle and is grounded to the transmission case. The ground most likely is loose or there is corrosion between it and the case. Either way, disconnect it and clean up the connection surfaces.
The other place that might cause problems is at the transmission computer, usually just unplugging and plugging it in will correct the problem.
Hope this helps you.
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