Runs smooth for 1 min then sputters and dies....

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Runs smooth for 1 min then sputters and dies....

Unread postby Hotrod325 » Wed Apr 21, 2021 7:34 pm

1988 w/ 2.2
Have sprayed carb cleaner in air meter as it’s dying- still dies.
Have checked for spark at distributor/coil and spark just goes away as it’s dying (which would seem normal). I’m wondering if anyone had experienced this.
It will only run for 30-60 seconds. It gets harder and harder to start after it dies each time.
Fresh fuel
Fresh fuel filter
Have checked all hoses for any leaks inc, vacuum.
Extremely low miles
It did sit for 6 years.
Runs super smooth when it is running.
It sounds like lack of fuel as it dies. Perhaps it’s an electrical component shutting off fuel flow.
Hall sensor ? MAF is working properly.
Engine looks like new inside.
Appreciate any advice.

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