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Unread postby Anonymous » Fri Apr 02, 2021 8:17 am

Hello John;
I read that whole tirade about the trials and tribulations of Winnebago LeSharo/Phaser owners. Then I
noticed the date and realized that the joke is on us. in more ways than one.
I have a '88 Phaser, maybe the lower priced version of the LeSharo, and from the end of that model run.
The first thing I realized is Winnebago doesn't exist anymore so there is no where to go for help on the living
side, Second is Renault has been bought and sold like three times since 1988 so I can't go to an auto parts
store and purchase parts for something 33 years old made in France.
I learned that because of a "no start" condition which I traced to a broken distributer cap. Me and the man behind
the counter got out the distributer cap book and started to compare my cap with pictures in the book. This cap
was listed for a Renault 1986 R18i and works.
The next "no start" was traced to the starter. I removed it myself and took it to the same parts store where he ran
the numbers off the starter itself and found an exact match. A Paris Rhone D10E88.
Next was the master cylinder, no brakes at all! In my garage at home fortunately. Back to the parts store and they found
one that matched the one I had, I can't find that part no. but I have a web site: under Renault Trafic bus (TXW) 2.2.
Last "no start" a couple years ago, I couldn't find any reason that it wouldn't start, but I had an idea of what the problem was.
I also wanted to have the systems under the hood checked out by a qualified mechanic just so I knew there weren't any major issues I should know about and could be fixed before I was left stranded.
I talked to the owner of "Foreign Automotive LLC" in Marshfield, WI. He said he knew about these vehicles and had some
experience with them so on 7/7/ '15 I had it loaded on a rollback and waved good by.
On 10/14/'15 I was reunited with my Phaser, it was all fixed and ready to go.
$1700 lighter I drove downtown Marshfield to have breakfast. When I parked I noticed the temperature gauge was high on the
scale so back the shop and I couldn't take it home.
On 10/24/'15 repeat the above. $200 more and this time I got it home and haven't had a problem since.
The only issues found under the hood was an old timing belt which was replaced along with the tensioner idler pulley.
The reason it wouldn't start was the contents of the catalytic converter was blown into the muffler and completely
blocked the exhaust, NO exhaust flow at all! Replace exhaust system and it runs.
That is my experience with my Phaser over about ten years. I can do a lot of repairs myself which saves me a lot of money.
Winnebago built a lot of these vehicles, Lesharo/Phaser, and they all sit on the same chassis built by Renault.
Renault sold these chassis to Winnebago and they also built utility vehicles using the same chassis for use in France so there are
mechanical parts available it just takes a patient parts man with good references, some creativity when searching through
web sites, and the understanding that Renault didn't build a special chassis for Winnebago, They sold an existing, mass
produced chassis and Winnebago adapted their body and electrical system to fit the chassis.
My brother-in-law purchased a new class A motorhome last year, however much that cost. The first time out the found
check valves in the plumbing installed backwards, also some problems in the electrical system. It is currently in the shop.
Just because it's new doesn't make it perfect.
Just because it's old doesn't make it junk.
Everything mechanical will fail.
Driving over the curb should not be a common occurrence.
I am planning to get to Elkhart this year in my Phaser to compare some notes and experiences.
Val ; ' )

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Unread postby Anonymous » Fri Apr 02, 2021 8:58 am

Hi Val. I hope to see you at the Ralley. Actually - your Phasar is the upscale version of the LS. More interior colors rather than the off yellow plastic used in the LS. Seat fabric color choices and exterior paint colors. For instance - The sliding cabinet doors in my 84 Phasar conversion are made of solid plastic with a tortoise shell color over the wood print masonite used in the LS.
Look forward to seeing you.

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Unread postby farvernugen » Fri Apr 02, 2021 9:28 am

Val, Some was from Earlier, some current...... and posts that were offensive have been removed, so it may not be as clear the timeline.

You on the other hand, are completely are available with some patience.

It still amazes me how many buy these units thinking they are buying a used RV......when in fact, they are a 30-40 year old used RV....a feat in itself!

Cheers, Scott

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Unread postby RLR48 » Fri Apr 02, 2021 11:06 am

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