Fuel Pump Relay...Some info maybe

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Fuel Pump Relay...Some info maybe

Unread postby Walt Spencer » Thu Jul 30, 2020 11:32 am

Hi, I rarely post since most of the info is available that most people want. Rare is an understatement when it comes to this Fuel Pump Relay. I had a problem that Larry and I worked on (some 3,000 miles and 3 time zones apart) long ago on my 89 2.2 Phasar. (Since alive and well and sold) After "fixing" problems this killer one was "starts, runs a few seconds then quits" - many calls and hours of this or that, but the solution was a FPR replacement from another LS. Replaced the relay and off she went. Happy Days!

Ok..in my latest searches I came across this info: Resource: http://www.AutohausAZ.com
Herein I found a 5-pin relay. Note: not any ol 5 pin relay will work - I tried. And... I am not sure the info I will be giving will work either - since I can't go look - that MH-RV is long gone.

They list a Bosch Fuel injector relay #0332019109 that might work.

They list a fuel pump #64912 (101632-69412) for several applications, one that caught my eye: 88-89 Eagle Medallion which used some parts that the 2.2 versions did.

Also the 69412 fits 1984 Renault Fuego 2.2

This source is good for a lot of Busch parts but not the last word. It takes a lot of search patience for success.

Good luck!

~Walter Spencer
Cumming, GA
1988 Lesharo/1996 Buick 3800

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