To Le'Sharo or no to Le'Sharo?

Questions or problems on your Lesharo.

To Le'Sharo or no to Le'Sharo?

Unread postby Bodfishblues » Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:59 pm

I'm thinking about taking the dive-a low miles 1985 diesel turbo. This would be my 1st and probably last rv. If taken care of how;s the reliability if it is taken care of and anything else I should be warned of? It will be for cross country at "not in a hurry" speeds. I am used to low power-I have a Geo Metro-(3 cylinders and uses them all). It's a 5 speed manual(is that an add on?) I just see them listed as 4 speeds.
Supposedly runs great. I just don't want to spend months at a time on it (the engine and drivetrain, that is)to be able to take the wolf dog and me and go on extended trips.
Your thoughts? And.........thanks in advance.
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Re: To Le'Sharo or no to Le'Sharo?

Unread postby Ray Charbonneau » Thu Aug 24, 2017 6:14 pm

You might've stumbled on a rarity, one that's been taken care of.
Check the undercarriage for any rusting, depending on location, that could be an issue.
A well maintained turbo diesel engine can last a long time. The 5 speed is a sought after upgrade that owners look for.
If the price is reasonable I'd say go for it!
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