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Unread postby arcosine » Sat Jul 21, 2018 12:10 pm

Hi everyone

I just activated my account! I am interested in making a LeSharo conversion using GM 3.4 v6 drive train, either from a U-body minivan or car. There is an 84 LeSharo for sale not too far away if the owner gets the title squared away I leaning toward buying it. Ive been looking in the junkyard at the minivans and grand ams, ect, seems the drive trains are very similar. Id like a 3.29 final drive ratio. I figure the 3.4 being a 60 deg v6 is slightly smaller than the 90 deg 3.8 and I wont have to cut as much out of the fire wall. The other option, which I havent seen done, would be to replace the trafic front and cut the minivan just behind the front door and graft it to the Winnebago box. The fuel tank and filler would need to be mounted some where under the Winnebago side. I don't know which is more work, but the later all the AC, wiring, cooling sys, steering, suspension, brakes master cyl, and sub frame would be done. it would be a matter of cutting and aligning the big two big pieces and splicing the unibody frames, some exterior and interior work, some brake line and wiring. I don't know id the Akerman would need to be adjusted going from 112 or 120 in wheel base to ~ 145 inches. The brake rotors are larger on the GM minivan than the Renault, 10.94 dia x 1.27 thick GM vs 9.9 dia x .95 thick. Some of the GM crossovers had 11.8 dia x 1.1 thick front brakes. Maybe I should post this in the GM conversion forum topic.

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Re: Hi

Unread postby temphunter18 » Wed Oct 30, 2019 10:08 pm

Hello there. We're you able to push through with your plan?
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