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Leaking ceiling light
Article ID: 18
Written by: RLR48
Written on: Sat Jan 02, 2021 7:02 pm
Article Description: We bought a 1987 Phasar in October. Very low mileage. Checking it out to be proactive before using it this spring.
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1987 Phasar we bought in October. 16,000 miles, seems in good condition. Drove it some locally. Realizing its age, I am trying to be proactive and will have a local shop go over it, change fluids, tires. Anything else?
It has been in the rain, and is now covered for winter. Just before we covered it we had light snow and ice. After it melted I found water on the table, and water in cover of ceiling light above. Could the AC unit be the source?

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