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Written by: Terry
Written on: Thu Feb 26, 2015 2:32 pm
Article Description: Information related to the stock Lesharo generator
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Here are some useful documents related to the stock Kohler generator.

Kohler 2.5 Service Manual.pdf
Kohler 2.5 Generator Service Manual
(8.75 MiB) Downloaded 3206 times

Kohler Parts Lists.pdf
Kohler 2.5 Generator Parts List
(1.55 MiB) Downloaded 5263 times

Tecumseh TVM140 Engine Repair Manual.pdf
Tecumseh TVM140 Engine Repair Manual
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Kohler Overhaul Directions.pdf
Kohler Generator overhaul steps
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the replacement fuel pump for the Kohler generator is made by Facet, Part number 149-1828

"got a replacement fuel pump for the generator, so I thought I'd share the info with you in case it's handy for somebody else...
Smith Powerhouse
14512 Lakewood Blvd, Bellflower, CA 90706
They are Onan & Kohler factory authorized service. The guy took one look at the fuel pump from my Kohler, said "oh yea, just a sec" and came back with an exact replacement part. $164.88"

1. You need to remove the Plus terminal on the coach battery. This is
because it has a connection to the generator, and when you disconnect it
from the generator you stand the chance of shorting it to ground and having
major problems occur.
2. After disconnecting the battery terminal, you can disconnect the cable
attached to the bottom side of the generator.
3. Disconnect the fuel line to the generator.
4. Disconnect the choke wire to the carburetor.
5. Disconnect the control plug located inside the generator compartment just
to the left and above the spark plug. This is just a small quick disconnect
6. On the inside of the coach, prop up your dinette seat above the
generator and find the electrical junction box, which is located in the
bottom left corner as you are facing the seat. Open the plate on the
junction box and disconnect the wires and nut holding the flexible metal
cable and wires going to the generator.
7. You are now ready to remove the 4 bolts (one on each corner) holding the
generator mounting plate onto the compartment housing.
8. This is the tricky part. The generator is fairly heavy. I used a small
floor jack to lift the generator up slightly so I could remove the above
bolts. Once the bolts are removed, you can slowly lower the floor jack to
get the generator out. You may have to tilt the generator assembly slightly
to get it out of the compartment housing and also to get it back in.
9. If you have the capability, it would also make things easier if you could
raise the whole back of the vehicle up about a foot.

We have found several auxiliary generators with seizing lower bearings on the Late model LeSharos and Phasars recently. The Kohler generator is obsolete and repair parts are scarce. The major problems we see are cruddy gas left in the tank over the winter and lower bearing failure that will ruin the case (which is no longer available). The auxiliary gas tank has a drain so flushing the tank and replacing the filter is a simple but necessary task. The lower bearing on the armature is exposed to dirt, rain, snow and slush. They lose there lubrication in this unfriendly environment, seize and damage case. If you run your generator and hear a squeal or rumble from the bottom of the case the bearing must be replaced.

1. Carefully remove the 4 long lower case mount bolts (after soaking the
threads in penetrating oil).
2. Gently tap around the lower case end and pull down gently (this will take
some time). Be careful of the 3 wires that run up the shielded cable.
3. Rome the securing nut from the lower case and gently pry the cable back.
The case will not drop out of the way (Just barely).
4. Using a pinch plate and puller remove the bearing.
5. Replace the bearing with a NAPA # 6205-2RSJ double sealed ball bear (or
6. Reassemble with a little anti seize in the appropriate places.

1984 Lesharo, 3.8 Chrysler, Plano, Texas, USA
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