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Speedometer Cable
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Written by: Administrator
Written on: Tue Jul 09, 2013 7:27 pm
Article Description: Various things to do with the Speedometer Cable
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Speedometer Cable Replacement:

I bought the cable at a Canadian Tire Store. Something like an Autozone
but much larger and wider selection of overall products.

The box says Dorman Techoice 03368B. Dorman is based in the States with
a distributor in Canada. This was a universal one which means you have
to cut to lenght and then crimp the end on with their one time use
crimper. I cut the cable with a pair of side cutters performing a very
quick action to get a clean cut. Once I knew how long the cable was to
be, I test cut in a section not to be used to make sure my cutters would
do a good job.

Not sure what they go for in the States but $10.00 bought this one. I should have measured the cable lenght, but I know the old one was a
little less then a yard. I would think each one will be a little

To Fix A Bouncing Needle:

My speedometer was bouncing even after lubing the cable, the fix was to remove the metal plate on the back of the speedo head ( two screws ) remove and clean and lube the drive pin that the cable plugs into and reassemble. Alsoif the odometer is not working check the white plastic gear that meshes with the gear on the drive pin. If it has a chip in one of the teeth you can cut a spacer out of a plastic vacuum "T" ( find one that this gear's axle will fit into ) this will move the gear over to where the teeth are still good. The axle sticks out of the housing on one side, with the spacer it willbe flush with the housing. I just got back from a 1000mi. trip to see the space shuttle take off and the spedo was smooth as glass and the odometer worked! witch was great because the gas gauge dose not! If anyone needs helpe-mail me and I will explain but I have to go to work now.

step 1: remove the trip and inst. light rheostat knobs by pulling straight back on them. If they are stuck heat them with a cig. lighter fore a few seconds and they should slide right off by prying from under them with a straight blade screw driver. Careful don't melt them.

step 2: Remove the black plastic trim bezel by carefully prying the black plastic tabs off the white post of the case. Squeezing the bezel and case together as you pry up on the tab.Be careful and do not lift tab any higher than you have to to clear the post. Next remove the clear cover and then thenext black plastic cover (no tabs on them).

step 3: Flip the case over and cut the twisted (anti tamper) wire that runsthrough the two screws that hold the spodo. in the case and remove the wire. Reach around and press in on the trip reset rod and next to the lower spedo. screw you will see the rod poking out the back of the case and on the end of it you will see the worlds smallest circlip (some times called an E-clip ).Remove this clip.Now remove the two screws to the spedo. and the spedo. will come out of the case.There is a spring on the trip reset rod so when you remove the spedo. make sure you don't lose it. If you do the springfrom a retractable ink pin will work.

step4: On the back side of the spedo remove the diamond shaped rubber washer then the two Phillips screws and remove the upper half of the spedo. drive housing then remove the shaft. Clean all the black crap (dried grease ) from the shaft and both housings.If your odometer dose not work check this. In the upper housing you will notice a white nylon gear (2 gears ) on a common shaft with a spring on the end that is opposite the worm cut (spiral) gear. Check this gear ( the one that meshes with the spedo. cable input shaft worm gear) and see if one of the teeth has a crescent shaped chip in it. If it dose then cut a spacer from a plastic vacuum T and put it on the wormgear end of this shaft so that this side of the shaft is now flush with spedo. drive case (aprox.).

step 5: Lube with grease and reassemble ( I used wheel bearing grease but if you live up north you might want to try "White Lube" ) the only thing that I would stay away from is chain lube or anything that says "high adhesive".You can test with a reverseable drill.

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