Lesharo Chat Room

The Rules:
  1. Hang around for a bit - If nobody else is in chatroom or nobody is responding to you, be patient. People are often busy when behind the pc.
  2. Be courteous - Say hello to people and watch your temper.
  3. Have fun - Don't get upset if you don't agree with someone.
  4. No Flooding - Don't type the same thing over and over again, it makes it difficult to read what people are saying.
  5. Do not give out personal information to anyone. - Personal information should be kept personal, people do not need to know your personal business.
  6. Lesharorv.com isn't responsible for what other people say.
By joining chat, you agree that you understand the rules.

Your current username is: Anonymous

Java client
This is our own local java irc client which will open in a popup window. See below if it doesnt work.
Mibbit web chat
Mibbit is a web based irc chat service. It will open a popup window and connect to our server.
Chatzilla or other local IRC client
If you use Firefox or Mozilla as a browser, you can install the Chatzilla extension and then use this link to chat directly in your web browser. This may also work if you have a separate IRC client installed such as MIRC or an Android based client for your mobile device.

Our chat room is using the IRC protocol with a Java applet. If it does not work for you, check below to help troubleshoot.

If chat doesnt work:
  1. To use our Java chat, odds are that you need to install or update your own Java software. Some browsers have disabled Java by default until you install a most recent version. Try updating your Java to a current version.
  2. Allow popup windows for our web site.
  3. Check your antivirus access rules or software firewall to see if it is blocking irc, chat or port 6667.
  4. At work, hardware firewalls often block irc communications so you will be out of luck there. The geek in me would vpn out and then chat from there.
  5. The other two links are alternative connect options for chatroom.